My Good Old Friend Chemo

Let me start with sorry for the time in-between posts… It has been a busy few weeks!

If I’m being totally honest I haven’t posted because I’ve been trying to forget my first chemo experience. It started off fine, a little stressful with accessing the port but nevertheless it was going pretty well.

Somewhere between receiving the chemo and my first night at the hospital I began to feel the effects. The nausea started slowly till I inevitably ended up over a bucket in the bathroom with tears running down my face because lets be honest: puking SUCKS- especially when you know it’s induced. (Puking with a healthy body sucks, let alone when your body consists of cancer cells.)

I made my way back to bed and the nurse offered another nausea medicine to help relieve my symptoms. She gave me these little white pills you put under your tongue. Shortly after they began to melt, my eyes began to close and my brain felt like it was incapable of processing anything. I’ve never felt anything like it.

I don’t drink but I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to drunk.

Ingesting the little white pills is the last thing I remember. The few days after ingesting the pills are a blur. I don’t even have any recollection of leaving the hospital; I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not. I think that’s why I’ve been so scared to write about it because so much was forgotten.

Once home the initial days are still a bit of a blur. I was on 2 nausea medicines and sent home with those famous little white pills (that I had NO intention of using). I was on home hydration which means my port was hooked up to an IV for 12 hours every night. Every time the doorbell rang I knew it was time; theres something about having my port used that turns my stomach.

I initially was so nauseous I couldn’t even sit up. I laid in bed while someone fed me little pieces of watermelon and cheese. Those were the only things I could stomach. As the days went on the nausea seemed to subside but I had to take things slowly or it would creep up on me once again.

My body had been poisoned and I was slowly learning how to cope with it.



9 thoughts on “My Good Old Friend Chemo

  1. Corie says:

    My name is Corie and my 13 year old daughter is going through chemo as well, she was suffering severely with nausea and having no relief with her meds. I use essential oils all the time so I decided to use them on her to see if I could help her out. She responded extremely well to the oils. If you would like to try some oils please let me know, I’d gladly give you info and some oils to try free of charge.
    Best of luck.

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  2. Lucie Falcioni says:

    Keep fighting Anyse! You are and will always be an inspiration too many. You are a beautiful soul. Sending you much strength during these challenging times. To the girl in pink…you are wonderful and loved by many. #FightForAnyse


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  3. T. R. Noble says:

    I’m glad you shared your experience because so many don’t know what it’s like. I don’t, and I think people take for granted their health, which leads to ignorance when we see someone who appears healthy, but is fighting an internal battle.

    Peace be with you girl!


  4. veg4life says:

    Hello, first I want to say thank you for sharing your very personal story with us. I am wondering, what kind of diet/lifestyle do you live by and if you have considered a plant-based lifestyle to help combat and possibly reverse the effects? I’m not a full vegan yet but I do love vegan food. I have heard of these miraculous miracles — it is very possible that it could help you.

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