The mirror can be a scary thing

I’m not gonna lie I’ve always taken good care of myself; hair done, makeup on, cute shoes, tight jeans… I worked out from time to time but not routinely by any means.

My body was always something I admired, most definitely never hated.

I ate as I pleased but made conscious decisions in regards to my food. I made friends easily, had confidence in myself. If I wanted something, it was not my physical appearance that would inhibit me from getting it.

Until now… Suddenly I don’t even want to look in the mirror because the reflection is so daunting. I’ve accepted the lose of hair but the lack of movement and extra weight has me feeling a way I’ve never felt before.

I’ve never looked in the mirror and hated so many things.

It isn’t till now that I realize so much of my confidence was in the way I looked. I used to stand up for people and suddenly I have a hard time standing up for myself.

I know the only thing that will help with the reflection in the mirror is time.

This feeling of anger and frustration towards my body will make me a better person. I will never judge someone because of their physical appearance.

Everyone has a story- remember that


6 thoughts on “The mirror can be a scary thing

  1. Dorothy binns says:

    Anyse you are a beautiful person regardless of what you think the mirror is showing. You are such a vibrant fun loving young lady, fear not my dear you are and always will be beautiful. Time heals you will see, better things ahead, stay strong.


  2. Carla Binns says:

    Hey Chiquita

    I will always enjoy spending time with you, the hair and makeup (even though you and Indra spent way too much money in Sephora) are “extras” that don’t define who you are. You are a little magnet that draws people to you,,,,that force comes from the inside not the outside.
    Love ya and hope to see you soon


  3. Lindsay says:

    Awe Anyse! You are such a beautiful girl both inside and out! You just remember that! What matters most is the inside and you def have that! We all love your beautiful spirit and we admire your strength 🙏 I pray that God will keep you strong to heal and to get through this difficult time.
    Love Lindsay, John, Zachary and Blake


  4. Stefanie P says:

    I can so relate to this comment girl!! It took me a long time to regain my confidence. Somehow I felt like I lost my femininity…..but those feelings are long gone!
    I like your point, I think its easy to be judgemental, not really knowing the backstory!
    Chin up!

    Stef (in Bavaria)


  5. T. R. Noble says:

    This speaks to me. I help a lot of people, but I struggle accepting help myself. It’s weird when we think we’re strong in something, and then the tables turn on us. I’m learning weakness can be new opportunities for learning and growth. For me, God has helped me through it.

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