It’s 1:54 pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I don’t think I’ve ever loved being alive as much as I do in this moment. I’ve recently spent a lot of time thinking about everything I’ve gone through the last few months and suddenly all I feel is a weird mixture of sadness & relief all in one.

It all seems a little too good to be true- I made it out alive, in one piece; stronger & wiser than I could have ever imagined. My world was shattered when I found out I was sick again, but now that this chapter is coming to an end, it almost feels like I’m losing a part of me that I spent so long learning to love. I had never been so happy; everything & anything put a smile on my face. Now that the chapter is slowly ending I feel like I’m losing part of myself in the midst. It may be hard to understand from someone on the outside looking in nevertheless, cancer helped me find the person I wanted to become. Strong, understanding, loving and all around happy.

Cancer took a lot away- appearance, sensation & mobility but it also allowed me to gain so many wonderful qualities.

For that I am thankful.

Thankful to be alive & thankful to be me.

I hope each and everyone of you feels the same way.



5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. sandra lebeau says:

    Dear Anyse,

    You are one of the most beautiful persons I know. I am so happy for your gratitude and joy. May your path continue towards fulfillment and gladness.




  2. T. R. Noble says:

    I think it’s awesome how our trials can define us, not in a bad way, but for the better. I think once it is over with, we just carry on with what we learned, and water it so that it blooms more growth within us 🙂


  3. Lindsay says:

    Dear Anyse,
    You are a true inspiration to us all! Your words of wisdom bring hope to those who are suffering. We pray that God will continue to lead you in a path of happiness and good health 🙏

    Lindsay, John, Zach and Blake


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