Bonjour! I’m Anyse & I’m probably one of the happiest people you’ll ever come across (well I think I am anyways- my dad would probably beg to differ but I’m thinking that’s just a dad thing; thinking his teenage daughter is ALWAYS mad) I love all shades a pink & anything sparkly…You’re probably asking yourself why that would be relevant but I promise you, you’ll eventually understand. I should also probably add that I’m not even 5 feet (I know hilarious right???) but I promise my voice makes up for the lack of height lol

I love learning but life doesn’t stop for anyone & while pursuing my journalism degree @ Carleton I was diagnosed with cancer (May I add for a second time) Nevertheless I’m still trying to look on the bright side of everything- Positive anything is better than negative nothing (or so thats what I hear) Anywho I love fashion & food & life & the colour pink… If you love any of those things, we’ll probably get along just fine…. Happy reading Xo

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