University… it’ll be great they say

University… It’ll be great they say…

I bet you have this whole ideas that you’re going to be your healthiest self & be the most scholarly version of yourself EVER

HAHAH that’s funny! Two months in you’ll be going to bed at 2am and regretting it when u need to make a 8am class. You’ll also debate going to at least 2 of your classes a week, not because you don’t care but, because it almost seems too easy. (If you can do the homework while you should be in class- it puts you ahead no?? GOOD ONE I promise you it’s worth attending your classes.)

Except if u decide to take a film studies class & hate every minute of it because you have the attention span of a 5 year old and can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes at a time.

You’ll also realize the salad bar that has basic lettuce & tomatoes gets old real fast. You end up eating gross over cooked pasta & wishing you appreciated the home cooked food sooner but u end up going back to the shitty salad bar because it’s better than over cooked pasta :/

At times it also feels like you’re attending summer camp but u never get to leave… scary right?

Minus the stuff listed above university is pretty awesome..

Adulthood doesn’t seem so far away after all